Photo of Tuttle family taken in 2019
From left: Olga, Annie, Clara, Erik, and Gavin Tuttle.

We had our family portraits taken late this summer for the first time in more than 10 years. We were a bit overdue. It’s a little bittersweet to post some of them today, because it is the first day we all woke up without Daddy at home. Today marks the first day of Erik’s deployment with the Oregon National Guard. He’ll be gone for almost a year, making this his longest deployment. Gavin and Olga don’t remember (or only have fuzzy recollections of) Erik’s previous deployments, and this is Clara’s first. In all this is Erik’s fourth deployment.

Erik and daughters Olga and Clara
Erik with Olga (15) and Clara (9)
Erik and son Gavin
Erik with Gavin (13)
Annie and Erik Tuttle
Annie and Erik Tuttle
Tuttle Children
From left, Olga, Clara, and Gavin Tuttle
Tuttle Family portrait 2019
Tallest to shortest: Erik, Gavin, Olga, Annie, and Clara Tuttle

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