On Monday, I renewed my domain name for another five years. I suppose that means it is finally time to start writing again.

There’s plenty to write about, of course. Photos to share. Stories to tell. Recipes to rave about. I want to tell you what I’ve been up to. Who I’ve become since we last spoke. About the children I’ve raised (one to adulthood so far). How life has changed. And my heart. And the view out my front door.

I also don’t want to miss anything. Today golden plums along the highway were ripe, so I picked them, brought them home, and made jam, made a mess. I snapped some photos for later, for when there is time. There will be time, right?

Did you know I turned 40? It was just a couple weeks ago. I’m still celebrating, calibrating. Still growing up and into myself, getting better at being alive every day. (Being alive is intoxicating.) I had a party and people came. My family was all there. My friends. My lovers. It was overwhelming in the best possible way.

Recently, I feel beautiful almost every day. Even when I haven’t showered. And more whole than ever, even though I often fall short of myself. And busier, because I am. But at least I am busy on purpose. Every day is a different kind of jam.

A plastic bowl full of golden plums in the forefront surrounded by canning equipment, jars of jam, and an assortment of other kitchen items.

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