Dig Deep Into the Dark Ground
Pen and watercolor on paper, 2013
by Kelly Louise Judd

I’ve long admired this painting. I keep an ever-changing (mostly growing) Pinterest board of emotions and sentiments, and this piece by Kelly Louise Judd has been one of my favorite entries for several years. Digging in the dirt is cathartic, and I should do it more. Yesterday evening as dusk crept up I dug up my sunchokes (Helianthus tuberosus), threw the stalks into a low spot in the garden (where I’m sure they’ll attempt to resprout), and then drove out to a neighbor’s house to happily accept a gift of almost 20 chickens and a goat. As you do.

Freshly dug sunchokes still covered in dirt piled on a tray on a table.
I dug my sunchokes yesterday.

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