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Sewn right here at Everfree Farm by me and my oldest daughter, these 55% linen 45% cotton kitchen towels are just the thing to help make quick work of kitchen clean up. This linen-cotton blend has long been my favorite for kitchen towels. Nothing wears as well or dries dishes as fast. I sew a ribbon into one corner of each towel to make hanging on a hook easier. These towels will get softer every time you wash them and may shrink 2-3% during their first few washes. I recommend you wash and dry them before their first use to remove any assorted farm dirt. (Just kidding. We promise not to get farm dirt on them. But you should still wash them.)

Currently four scenes from Everfree Farm are available as dishtowels:

Through the woods – This peaceful favorite features tall pines near our driveway, a scene that greets every visitor to our farm. SOLD OUT

Almond blossoms – Our two small Hall’s Hardy almond trees put on an amazing show in the spring. SOLD OUT

Goat and flowers – This is Blackberry, one of the first kids born on our farm in the spring of 2014, eating Queen Anne’s Lace (also called wild carrot) in our garden. Blackberry has grown up to be a beautiful buck. SOLD OUT

Turkey and geese – “Freebie” the Royal Palm turkey really likes to be the center of attention and always tried to upstage our spectacular flock of Tufted American Buff geese. We love her. SOLD OUT

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 26 × 16 in

Almond blossoms, Goat and flowers, Turkey and geese

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  1. These are excellent quality towels with one of a kind beautiful pictures. I love them!