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Firewood carrier

Since we heat almost exclusively with wood in the winter (our propane furnace is set to kick on only when the house gets below 55 degrees) we (and by that I mean our kids) make many trips to the woodpile each day. Wood is heavy, awkward, and messy, and for years we have used a standard laundry basket to haul it. The laundry basket usually lasts a season before it is broken and must be replaced. Last winter we switched to a shallow Rubbermaid tub, which so far seems a bit sturdier, but is still unwieldy. 

My dad has a leather firewood sling that seems to work well for him, although his firewood usage is primarily for ambiance. I thought I’d try to reproduce something similar to see if it could make the task of bringing in wood a bit easier. I used two old pairs of dungarees, one for the body of the sling and the other cut into strips for the straps. 

Pieces of firewood are stacked on top of a denim firewood sling, which is next to more wood stacked on the floor near a hearth.
The tote opens flat for loading and unloading.
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